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Joyful Spaces: SAI International School students worked hand in hand with both UK partner school Winterbourne International Academy ( Bristol, UK) and Shriharsha Mishra Memorial School for the Deaf to create a play hub that focused on persons with hearing impairments. The play area was designed to fuel the mind of a child with little to no hearing through kinesthetic teaching methods. Each element incorporated into the room was educational using a playway method of learning. Since sound was not an option special focus is on the remaining senses of sight, touch and smell. The room was completely design as a collaborative group effort allowing for joint brainstorming and distribution of all tasks. After visiting the deaf school the students found there were many much needed renovations including holes in the walls of the classrooms and living areas and an unhygienic  outdoor play area. So they implemented these into their original plans and made three Joyful Spaces; Play area for deaf students aged 5-7, safe and clean outdoor sports area, and renovations on classroom and living areas.

Planning & Purchasing

Being the change- students in action, working together UK, India and Deaf students.

Before and After photos of the large classroom  for classes VIII & IX and community living area

Before and After photos of the small classroom for class X

Before and  After of the outdoor sports area

We even made the newspapers….Thanks Times of India for showing your support and printing our amazing story.  Shriharsha also sent us a heartfelt thank you letter.

Playtime: The students visit the Missionaries of Charity on the 7th May 2014 and render service to the inmates of the old age home and orphan kids. A number of activities have been planned by the members of Interact & Going Global Club and a drive to raise juice, biscuits and baby food has been initiated. The response for this has been overwhelming and we take pride in our students for their compassionate approach. The students are also planning to do a dress up activity with the tiny toddlers where they will dress up as characters like Spider man and Superman and indulge in fun activities and dance. Our students have also planned a art and craft session for the children there where they will make pieces of art with Play dough unleashing their imagination. This will be followed by a snack time. They have also planned to entertain the children by reading out stories to them while spending some unconditional quality time with them. SAI takes pride in observing a global day and making a difference in the lives of many…..

Flip Flops for Friends: Every child should have the feeling of sporting a new pair of shoes. To keep the legacy of Joy of Giving intact, SAI International School students conducted an all school donations drive called “flip-flops for friends� bring in over 100 pairs of New flip flops to give various local orphanages in Bhubaneswar and inculcate the values of “sharing and caring� in our saioneers. SAI students donated over 100 pairs of brand new flip flops at the Ashraya Orphanage at Dum Dum. Placing a new pair of shoes on the feet of 85 underprivileged kids who themselves could not afford them. A Hygiene packet containing a toothbrush, tooth paste, comb, coconut oil, small packet of laundry detergent and a bar of soap was dispersed to each child as well. Also a small collection of over 100 used toys and one complete outfit for each orphan.

Old Shoes of Ashraya Orphanage children and  over 100 pair of new shoes donated by the SAI students during Joy of Giving Week

Each child received a new pair of shoes, one at a time they came up and chose from the boxes, with smiles on their faces and happiness in their hearts

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