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A Silent Wish: SAI aims to inculcate values in the students and to have empathy for their fellow beings. After a successful drive of donating a library to our adopted school in Patia under the DFC project Reading Rainbow, the SAI students wanted to go beyond that.

Taking this legacy forward the bighearted students of the School wished to bring joy on the faces of some children with hearing and speech impairment. They felt the necessity of a resource centre in the Shri Harsh Memorial School for the Deaf and decided to create and equip the School with large 400 visual teaching aids on topics related to their curriculum like big size colored picture books, story books and a projection system to watch teaching materials designed especially for these students.

Project Compassion: Project Compassion the Celebration of International Day of Persons with Disability at SAI International was a grand triumph. 40 students and 3 teachers from the Sri Harsha Memorial School for the Deaf (SHMSD) attended a special assembly and participated in workshops including pottery, computer, dodge ball and billiards. All the Deaf students were hosted by SAI students of VII D during their visit. They were paired up and attended all the activities together including the workshops. The entire ½ day programme ended with a grand lunch, were the deaf students were served Chinese food giving them a taste of oriental cuisine. The overall goal of this all-embracing program was to expose students from both the Deaf school and SAI International School to inclusive edification and socialization. It allows all participants a glimpse into the other’s world. The sharing of feelings ran ramped and even a few tears were shed as the students bid farewell to one another. “Until next time� was the final remark. SAI International School is a leader in Community Service Initiatives and will continue giving back to its community through creative and humble social works. Together ‘WE CAN’ make a difference.

Fairytale Wall: SAI International School DFC story 2014, We have been involved with the visually impaired for many years, even provided Braille Slates and Walking Canes one year for our friends. We found that the only method for visually impaired persons to read a story was with the use of Braille printed Books, Magazines, and Newspapers. We dreamt of creating another way that was more stimulating allowing them to use more of their senses and making the story really come to life. So the Sensory Wall Storybook was envisioned.

After several visits to the Orissa Association for the Blind(OAB) which is home to over 700 visually impaired teachers , staff, administrators and students from all over the state of Orissa we decided to introduce them to a new idea in story telling practiced globally called a sensory wall. This wall stimulates the sense used by visually impaired persons specifically hearing and touch. We wanted to share an innovative way of storytelling through touch and sound bringing some smiles to the organization.

We teamed up with our partner school Winterbourne International Academy from Bristol, UK and created a Sensory Wall. The Wall contained the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. This amazingly simple story was written out in English and translated onto small recording boxes in Odiya the local language and most spoken by our visually impaired friends. A team of 20 students from UK and India worked for 4 days creating and implementing the wall. The entire planning was done by the students who broke up into 4 teams. The story was split into 3 parts and each piece placed on the wall was prepared by hand.

The outcome was amazing!!!!!

Crib Bumper: SAI International students noticed the cribs of the Mother Teresa Center Nursery are in require an upgrade in order to make them more comforting and safe for 22 orphan babies that live there. The Mother Teresa Center is doing a thankless job of seeing to the needs of the babies and for several years we have tried to improve their standard of living.

SAI International School participates in a collaborative community project during every UK student exchange visit. These initiatives inculcate values such as empathy, compassion, moral obligation and kindheartedness toward their fellow human beings. We share these experiences with our UK guest in a manner that is life changing. The students of CHS and SAI undertook a collaborative community project at the Mother Teresa Centre to work on the ‘Crib Bumper Project’ that included the stitching of the bed sheets donated by the students to provide extra padding to the cribs for the babies at the centre. Safety of the babies was of prime concern to the authorities at the Mother Teresa Centre and the students in all earnest decided to address the issue. During a five day exchange visit of our partner school CHS, SAI and Chosen Hill students made and deposited 36 Crib Bumper Sets in the Nursery of the Mother Teresa Center, Bhubaneswar , Odisha, making it a safe and warm place for 22 orphan babies to sleep.

Uttarakhand Relief Campaign: Uttarakhand was recently devastated by floods and landslides. Thousands of people have lost their lives and others their homes and livelihood. SAI International School students organized a donation campaign to extend their support to the victims. The proceeds of this donation will be forwarded to the government’s “Uttarakhand Relief Fund�

A Humble Offering: Natural disasters are traumatic for the Society. “PHAILIN�, a very severe Cyclonic Storm hit Odisha in 2013 and caused huge devastation by resulting in huge loss of public and private property. The incessant rain and floods that followed, adversely affected many. Thousands of people had to evacuate their homes and move elsewhere.

As a small gesture of support, the faculty and staff of SAI International School contributed to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund (Cyclone-2013) by contributing their respective one day salaries. Our valued parents and students also supported this cause by making humble contributions for this generous act. The entire amount collected was deposited with the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. The students along with the Chairman, Dr. Bijoy Sahoo personally went to the CM’s office with their humble offering. The students also expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the swift and unstinted efforts that were initiated by our Government to save the lives of millions of citizens of the state.

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