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Reading Rainbow: Making a difference in someone’s life is the sole motto always at SAI. After the success of a bathroom installation at our adopted government school in Patia, Bhubaneswar, the students of SAI International School decided to go a step further and provide a much needed functional library to the pupils who are craving for one. The students of SAI thoughtfully brought up the issue and decided to take up an all school book drive and have the pleasure of donating a fully equipped library during the Joy of Giving week. They not only plan to reorganize a dilapidated room of the School with furniture, fixtures and paint the room to give a new look to it but also arrange for a very well planned stock of books appropriate for them to use. The students also plan to make this DFC project an ongoing activity to support the Govt School with reading sessions twice a month, in order to encourage reading habits in the children and help enrich their education. The SAI team also intends to guide the Patia students to maintain the library for long term sustenance. More and more books will be added to the stock as per requirement, year after year.

Sakyam: Corporate Social Responsibility has been internationally existent since the late sixties embracing a collective integrated and conscientious responsibility for the Company’s actions through ethical and symbiotic practices along with encouraging a positive impact through its activities on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and shareholders incorporated with significant philanthropic modes within the gamut of CSR.
“Sakhyam�: will promote economic self sufficiency of the underprivileged targeting initiation of education in beginners and dropouts by counseling. Inclusion of vocational training in various fields will provide earning in industrially friendly fields along with learning as a cohesive 3600 programme. The two pronged approach includes a door to door courier cum delivery service during the working hours with flexi- evening classes which will include literacy and vocational training.
In the first phase the courier service will employ the 40 which will generate the fund the project. “Earn while you Learn� will be the mantra besides fostering their self- confidence. While the Open Schooling will enable the pursuing of education while earning a living for the ones who desist learning can be engaged in jobs in areas of their interest and capabilities.
CSR Component: Pigeon Couriers and Delivery services will require the support of the Corporate Houses around Bhubaneswar, wherein they will undertake the distribution of their city based letters while the latter will help organizing the employment of the trainees. “Sakhyam“ will ask for requirements of the corporate, depending upon which profiling training and absorption into the required area will be taken up. The funding for the project will be partly supported by the couriers and the rest through CSR.

Story Hour: Day of Service was celebrated by SAI International School with a grand visit to S.O.S Village. S.O.S Village was founded by and Austrian, Dr. Herman Gmiener and there are over 132 villages located in over 50 countries. Students of class XI held a storytelling session. The international story “The Rainbow Fish� was shown in English and then translated into Oriya by the students themselves. This children’s story covers the moral lessons of sharing and friendship. The storytelling session was followed by craft activity were the S.O.S children made a Rainbow fish with colored papers, Fevicol and crayons. A briefing session was held by Mr. Patro of S.O.S Village where he asked the students from SAI what they expected to get out of their visit in response they said “to make a change in the minds of the children we meet and entertain them.�

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