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Walking at Par: SAI International School continues to reach out to the community and the less fortunate. Today 40 SAI students boarded a bus in rout for the Bhima Bhoi School for the Blind carrying 40 folding sticks and 20 Braille Slates to give to their visually impaired friends. After a heartfelt reunion each child and staff member of the Bhima Bhoi School for the Blind was given a Folding Stick or a Braille Slate. With tear filled eyes all watched as the visually challenged students shared songs and spoke words of thanks to their SAI friends. This amazing initiative, Walking at Par, is SAI’s collaborative Design for Change project involving 2,000 SAI students and teachers. In which funds were raised by the sale collected waste paper and their self designed T-shirts. 319kg of paper waste was collected and sold and 1,000 T-shirts were printed. The conclusion of this project is yet to be seen as the funds from the T-shirt sales continues to come in and more folding sticks will be purchased and distributed to more schools for the Visually Impaired and to the Blind community in Bhubaneswar.

Pay it Forward: SAI led a campaign with over 100 student volunteers visiting the Mother Teresa Center, cleaning 45 cribs for the infants and passing out food donations to the elderly and sick.

Recycle Reuse: Brought recycling awareness to our adopted Primary School in Patia via video and craft activities affected over 130 underprivileged children and was lead by 30 SAI International School Volunteers in honor of International Day of Service.

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