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Building Bridges: SAI Students made it their ambition to make a difference in the lives of not so privileged ones. They dreamt to make other people’s dreams come true. They wanted to extend a genuine hand of support to the students with visual impairment and help them step on the ladders of success, and make their lives colorful. They desired to create awareness in the students of the mainstream and build bridges between the two poles. SAI students gave a day out to over 100 visually impaired students giving them access to facilities at SAI International School, including the swimming pool, horse riding etc… In return our students went to the blind School for a reciprocal visit. The students of SAI International School blind folded themselves and experienced firsthand what it felt to have a visual impairment. This included learning basic Braille, playing cricket and chess, blind folded.

Toys are US : The students got into the spirit of giving by organizing a toy donation drive. Students were asked to donate at least one toy on this occasion and as many as 500 toys were collected. These toys were donated to the “Jeevan Jyoti Ashram� which is a home for orphaned and homeless children.

The Book Benefit: The entire student community of the school actively participated in the book donation drive organized by SAI International School. Students were asked to donate at least one book on this occasion (story books in English, Hindi or regional language). More than 600 books were collected through this activity. These books were donated to the “Bakul Foundation Library�

The Clean Campaign: Students of the SAI International School organized a cleanliness drive at the “Baramunda� Bus stand as part of the Joy of giving week. Student volunteers cleaned up the bus stand and distributed awareness leaflets to the passengers present at the bus stand. This entire activity was carried out in the presence of the Mayor of Bhubaneswar who was there to encourage the students.

Joy of Going Green: Clean Bhubaneswar, Green Bhubaneswar was the motto of the SAI International School when it organized a sapling distribution drive at the Orissa Secretariat. Students of the school distributed more than 1000 “neem� saplings at the secretariat to the staff and members.

Operation Sanitation: SAI International School has adopted a govt. school in Patia, Bhubaneswar and has made a lot of improvements to the school’s facilities. While adopting the school, it was noticed that the school did not have bathrooms for the students of the school. SAI students contributed generously to building two bathrooms for boys and girls at their adopted school.

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